Friday, January 29, 2010

Birla Mandir Jaipur

One of the most beutiful temples i have ever seen.

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The Royal Beggars of Jaipur

I gave them the Title "The Royal Beggars of Jaipur", inside City Palace. Once they see GORA people they start standing in line for a perfect memorable picture, then they make the universal sign of money with thumb and adjoining finger. They will not bother you if you are an Indian.

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Jaipur City Palace

Jaipur City Palace with all the elegance and glory.

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City Palace Jaipur

The most remarkable attraction in Jaipur. Inside is a museum and a lot of History and Heritage. A must see for anyone going to Jaipur.

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Rani ki Factory Jaipur

Beware of this place Rani Ki Factory Jaipur. What i think, it has nothing to do with Jaipur Ki Rani, its a group of local shop keepers who pay handsomely to local guides for bringing in tourists. Everything inside is very costly and quality "WHO KNOWS"...

Secret TIP: Parking in adjoining City Palace is INR 200, if you want free parking, THIS is the place to park. Shhhh...

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My Jaipur Trip

I made a quick Jaipur Trip for this New Year. Take a look..




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